24 Hour Sprinter Repair Service

We are here to help with our 24 hour Sprinter repair service.  We are full service, and open 24 hours a day.  No matter what your situation, give us a call.  If you are looking for expert 24 hour sprinter repair service contact us!


We’d be more than happy to talk to you about any needs you have regarding service on your Sprinter van.  We’re local – in Eagan – so you can call us, contact us, or just stop on by!


Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves with providing the very best service and having the most qualified staff of technicians in the industry.

Whether you are bringing in a sprinter or a Freightliner semi truck, our staff is well versed on all makes and models and will take care of your repair needs. We have technicians that came from car dealerships, trucking companies, fleet repair shops, and even the airlines. So I know we can cover everything and that’s our personal Guarantee!!!!


Sprinter Van Care Tutorials

Daily Inspection

Perform and everyday inspection. Walk around the Sprinter and visually inspect tires, lug nuts, and overall appearance of vehicle. Make sure none of the tires look low or leaking air. Make sure your lug nuts are all still there and tight. Look for any obvious leaks or parts touching the ground or loose.

Fluid Top Offs

Look under hood and check fluid levels and inspect hoses and belts to make sure nothing is leaking or missing. Top off oil and other fluids as necessary.

Check the Lights

Check lights. Make sure all your required lights are working properly and nothing is burnt out. Dot inspectors could be waiting down the road and if they see a headlight out it will be the perfect opportunity for them to pull you over and check you out.

Inspect the Interior

Perform and interior vehicle check and ensure you have all the appropriate safety equipment. If your vehicle meets DOT requirements you want to make sure your fire extinguisher is up to standards and charged, triangles or flares are in place. Also perform the interior vehicle check by starting vehicle and checking gages, wipers, making sure no check engine lights come on and listen to how the vehicle sounds (engine noise).