The Sprinter maintenance schedule has been optimized through out the last model years. If older maintenance logbooks show different schedules, it is recommended to use the new intervals as listed above. Always check the maintenance history, in order to determine which work is required.


When performing an oil change on your Sprinter, make sure to add the correct quantity of oil, which is 9.5 quarts (with filter replacement, which is required with every oil change). Under filling, as well as over filling the engine, may result in damage to the engine or create drivability issues. The dipstick is designed to be used only with a “hot” engine and oil that has reached operating temperature (unless it is a cold engine dipstick with a yellow handle, which is available for certain fleets only). Furthermore, please keep in mind that the new oil is still “cold” after it has been changed even though the engine may be hot. A Sprinter engine having an oil level at the maximum level on the dipstick at 70°F (oil temperature), will actually be ¾ quart overfilled


Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Needed MOPAR Part # Part Needed
Replace Every 10,000 Miles
Change Oil / Lube 04798231AD Oil, 9.5 Qts (SAE 15W-40)
Replace 0il Filter 05086301AA Filter, Engine Oil
Replace Fuel Filter 05103577AA
Filter, fuel (OM612 2001 - 2003)
Filter, fuel (OM647 2004 - 2006)
Maintenance Check   OM647 2004 - 2006
see logbook for details
Replace Air Filter*
*after 30k replace every 10k
05103554AA Filter, engine air
Replace Air Filter*
*after 30k replace every 10k
05117494AA Filter, engine air (with ASSYST)
Replace Every 60,000 Miles
Replace Transmission Oil 05127382AA ATF 7 liter
Replace Transmission Filter*
*suggest changing every 30k
52108325AA  Filter, ATF 
Replace Rear Axle Lube 051360033AA Rear axle fluid - 1.8 liters
Replace Every 150,000 Miles*
*although we highly recommend replacing at no more than 100,000 or every two years
Replace Engine Coolant 05066386AA Coolant - 5 liters
Replace as needed
Replace A/C Heater Filter 05103600AA Filter -  for A/C and Heater
Replace Every Two Years
Replace Brake Fluid 04549625AC Brake fluid - 1.2 liters